Siwei (Shanghai) Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

About Us

Stemirna Therapeutics is the first biotechnology company to bring mRNA therapeutics and high-end nanoparticle formulation platform to China. Through constant exploration and innovation, we strive to become a leading company in mRNA-based medicine in Asia, as well as in the world, so that we can provide more effective healthcare and therapeutic products.

We believe that mRNA therapeutics is a promising field that could potentially revolutionize the way we treat cancer, infectious diseases, rare diseases and so on. Stemirna’s two major technology platforms are the foundation for our development of mRNA-based therapeutics and the key to our leading position in China.

Stemirna Therapeutics was founded in the Zhangjiang Drug Valley of Shanghai, in 2016. Now it is located in the Jinqiao Pilot Free Trade Zone.

Our core values

  • Innovation

  • Reliability

  • Sincerity

  • Collaboration

  • Progress

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